Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colonia Juárez Motif

My latest temple circle motif is finished! This one was a special request from my friend Theresa, who has roots in Colonia Juárez, Chihuahua in México. It is a unique temple in that it's the smallest one in the Church and the second one built in Mexico. This temple was the first of the new generation of smaller temples built outside of the United States.

I e-mailed her this morning this same snapshot of the finished product.

Her reply:

Oh my gosh!!!!  It is perfect.  It made me cry.  I love that you included the calaveras, if someone has an issue with it they can give me back the copy I give them.  How much for the original? I just found out yesterday that my parents were called to serve in the Colonia Juarez Mexico Temple presidency and I think if I could get the original that would be the end all be all of cool.  Most definitively I want to get prints for all of my siblings and myself, if you are willing I could even set you up with the local craft shop in Colonia Juarez to sell there too if you want.  

Colonia Juárez Chihuahua México LDS Temple

A: Home B: Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua
I think it would be fun to go down there with her over a weekend and visit the temple and the local craft shop she is referring to! Maybe in October for Fall Break? Theresa teaches drama at Mikelle's junior high. It would certainly be fun if I was still teaching full time and I could teach art at that junior high. But I digress. I love this time with my X-man.

This summer has certainly been more bearable. Sure, the rest of the country is having their hottest and miserable summer in half a century, but ironically, it's not so much the case here. Sure, it's hot. I mean, it is summer in hell. However, this year we're getting a real monsoon season and that means some days, while humid, are not unbearably hot. We get clouds and rain. Today was one such example. It was gorgeous. Someone posted this on Facebook today. It was taken today from the Apache Junction area looking at the Superstitions ad the Lost Dutchman State Park area. Gorgeous! I loved the clouds and rain today. It was nice and hard and it lasted more than 2 seconds!I hope August is just as stormy and eventful!

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