Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cow Day

Did you know there is an annual "Dress Like a Cow" Day? Well, according to Chick Fil A there is. If you dress up partially like a cow, you get a free entree. If you do a full cow dress-up, you get the free meal (drink included). 

Well, Mikelle and Christian weren't too interested (but they were willing to go and have me PAY for their food), but I decided to "cow it up" a bit and of course Alexander didn't have a choice. 

I wasn't going to do "Cow Day" initially, but we had overcast and lower temperatures, so I knew it was a good day for this vampire bat to venture out in daylight hours. Plus, cloud cover makes for nice soft pictures outside. 

Since it was kind of last minute, the only white shirt I had to use for Alexander was a white polo that Mikelle never wears.  I spent a good part of the morning painting on the black spots and then writing "I'm No Chikin" on the back!

Even though my cow outfit was very "partial" the manager gave me the whole meal and drink for free. Alexander of course got a free kids meal and drink. Next year, I will require Mikelle and Christian to participate - as I'll tell them I'm not planning on paying for food on 'Cow Day', so they either have to do the cow thing or stay home!

Second day in a row this kid indulged in some kind of Oreo ice cream treat. Lucky!

The cow looks annoyed.

He was pointing at my nose saying "nooo nooo"

And the day before, his indulgence in an Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. Oreo is the bomb!!!

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