Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer "Blahs"

School started last week. It doesn't make sense to start the end of July. I think I've ranted about it before. We live in a state that is close to #50 on the quality of education, and they start school at a time when so much money is poured into electric bills for the A/C to be cranked up.  But when it comes to the amount of money spent per child, and the amount of money spent in the right way to ensure quality education, Arizona is a joke.

Another problem with them starting so early in the summer that when Fall Break rolls around, it's still warm as it's usually the end of September or the very beginning of October. I know, I sound whiny. Despite the fact that this summer has been kinder and we've had a real monsoon rainy season as opposed to recent disappointing summers, it's still hard making it through the summer here. 

Alexander is certainly exhausting. He's in a stage where he has these crazy stand-off temper tantrums. Not only that, but this kid is a CLIMBER. It's the Summer Olympics right now, and I swear Alexander could already qualify for some climbing events.  He is strong and smart. Sure, these are all qualities we want in our children and I'm grateful that he is strong and smart. However,  strong and smart can also yield for some exhausting days, um, weeks. I mean, months.

Plus, it's still hard to get the kids outside when it's so hot. With Christian, it's hard enough to get him outside, even when it is nice.

This is the situation down to the letter:

Since I'm kind of in a "blah" place, I'm going to post pictures of hilarious memes. Sometimes it's what the doctor ordered to get through the "blahs". This "blah" can't last long. Mikelle turns 12 next week and we're having a swim party with a few of her friends this weekend. And even though school started, there will be two days in August that the kids will miss school and we'll be out of town. Don't get me started with that. I'm happy about the trip, but not the timing and the fact they'll miss school because of it. Chris, who is usually a Boy Scout with so many things in life and never strays from the straight and narrow isn't so much the Boy Scout with the school attendance thing. That's where I take over with the strictness. I don't think a mini vacation is a valid reason for the kids to miss school. Chris? He doesn't see a problem with it. (insert my growling sound) 

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, hilarious memes. 

I hate the song. I LOATHE it. But Mikelle, the loving sweet pre-teen she is, has made it so I hear it more than I'd like. That's why I like this raccoon meme. It pretty much matches the quality (or lack of) of the song.

And this is hilarious too. Just goes to show that a "picture" doesn't quite tell the whole story:
And I don't want to get political, but with the election coming up in November and living here in Kookozona, I loved this:
And this is dumb, but funny. Well, a lot of these are dumb, but funny. This is one of those that's so dumb, it's funny.

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