Friday, July 13, 2012

Designer Great Waves

Last art session already! Too crazy. This part of the summer is going by fast. Sadly, the "hot" part doesn't go by fast enough. But we had a NICE storm Wednesday night, and the days since have been more cloudy.  I can handle hot days a little better if the sun is hidden. This morning was gorgeous. I love overcast early morning "boomers".

The first day of Session III was kind of a "wrap up" from Session II. Check out these beautiful flag collages and "three flag" Jasper Johns inspired project!

Then yesterday, Wednesday, we moved on to our "Designer Great Waves".  Click here for my entry with the image of the original Hokusai"Great Wave Off Kanagawa"

 Students create a drawing based on Hokusai's work that include the one big wave, the smaller waves, boats and Mt. Fuji. They will then add black and white patterns to their water, and paint their sky with bright watercolor paint for high contrast. I love this project because it gives a fun flare while also learning about a historical piece of art! But then again, most of the art history inspired projects have that result!

And I meant to give this update a couple weeks ago, but we were in the throws of one of our Flagstaff trips. 

Mikelle was one of the grand prize winners of the art contest about safety at her dad's work! The little goober won a $100 Target Gift Card! Her artwork and the other winners will be part of a 2013 calendar!  And to think, we had to 'talk her into' entering! Also, the guy on the right - Mark - was married Wednesday night! Chris and I had the privilege of being there for the small ceremony! Congratulations Mark and Maggie!

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