Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting Our Kicks...

Chris's company had a softball tournament in Flagstaff last weekend. Chris wasn't able to get on any of the teams because they had enough guys already, but they did need some women. Therefore, I played.  If you want to call it that. Man, I was rusty. It's been years. I remembered how much I loved playing, however. I just wish I played much better. Now I want to go to batting cages and join a softball league. I mean, not now as it's summer time. But when it cools off I'd love to do that.

Speaking of "cooling off", it was a little disappointing in Flagstaff because they had above normal temps. It got up to 88 on Saturday. However, compared to the 110+ down there, the 88 was still the better option. Also, it was gorgeous in the mornings and evenings. Unfortunately, I got pretty sunburned too, and my muscles ached. The worst of the "pain hangover" was the day after we returned, so at least I saved that for after the tournament.  Now today I'm peeling. My back, above the T-shirt and the part of my neck that wasn't covered by hair, were scorched bad.

Sunday, the day we drove back, was a few degrees cooler and more cloudy. It certainly would have been a better day to play softball, but you take what you can get! Plus, from the ball fields, we saw a bald eagle. This is the second bald eagle I've seen in Flagstaff. The first one was 11 years ago! Who knows, maybe it was the same eagle. He (or she) hung around in the air around the same place for a long time. He was definitely scouting something. When he flew off eventually, we knew when he was really gone because there were other birds in the air. When the eagle was in the air, there wasn't another bird in the air to be seen. It was like when Air Force One is flying by. You can't see a single plane anywhere else.

Another issue besides warm temps and my "I'm getting old" physical injuries? Mikelle and Christian's fighting. Seriously, it was ridiculous.   One of their punishments was they couldn't have their own shake at lunch (if we weren't on a mini-vacation, they wouldn't have had a shake period). 

We made them share one.  Then of course, I wanted to get a picture of them drinking from the same shake with two straws like a lovy-dovy-couple. Mikelle did NOT like that. It took a few attempts to get the picture.

This is the best one!

We got the shot!
Of course that only made her more upset. However, even before the "shake" situation, she didn't want me to take a normal picture of her. Oh, how fun having a "tween"!

Of course others were there as well. Here is Christian, Chris and Alexander. Note these pictures don't show how badly our X-man wanted to escape the high chair and run free. Being that a busy road was just "right there", this behavior gives me a heart attack.

On the way home, it was sad seeing the pine trees turn to shrubs, and then the shrubs turn to brown desert. The saguaros sure make the desert pretty though. I just appreciate them more in the winter.

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