Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Yellow Cow" Tribute

This is Marc Franz's s 1911 Oil on Canvas which is titled Yellow Cow.

Sometimes art speaks to us just because of the way it looks - not the message or meaning behind it. There is just something fun and expressive about Franz's Yellow Cow and the combination of Expressionism and using nature that I've always loved. I think I saw it for the first time in my 21st Century Art History class back in the Fall of 2001 (normally I don't remember exactly the year and semester I took a class, but 9/11 happened the morning I had this class scheduled, so it's a little hard to forget! But as usual, I digress).

This link from the Guggenheim in New York has a nice history behind Franz's Yellow Cow.

In 2011, a century had passed since Marc's Yellow Cow.  I decided to incorporate it in a 100 Year tribute piece. I completed this last September. Because moons show up everywhere in my Motif, I called the Tribute piece Yellow Cow Jumps Over the Moon.

I also created two other accent pieces to go with this in the event this was presented to the gallery as a triptych.  I am not sure if it'll be presented that way or by itself. I'm waiting for the right frame and the right sale!

My original Yellow Cow Jumped Over the Moon will eventually be at Sundust, whether alone or in a triptych.

Edited to Add (September 17, 2012):  

  •  My original Yellow Cow Tribute is currently available at Sundust (framed and matted!)
  • Prints of my Yellow Cow Tribute are available via my Shop on Etsy:  Link

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  1. Love the cow piece! It has the perfect pop of color!