Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Great 4-Letter Word: S-O-L-D!!!, Alexander at 14 Months, and First Flyer

I'm so happy to announce that this above triptych with the originals of the Paris- London-New York motifs SOLD at the Sundust Gallery! Thank you to an angel from Colorado! Colorado is the BOMB, by the's on my list of places I'd rather live. Colorado comes after the Pacific Northwest!  
I apologize that the triptych shown on it's side. I rotated it and saved it vertically, but blogger wants to show it on it's side. ???
This makes me want to share this photo in June 2006 of Mikelle and Christian, in Colorado. This is just south of Silverton. Isn't it adorable? Isn't the views breathtaking? This is way before they wanted to kill each other. However, yesterday I did hear Mikelle tell Christian she loved him.
14 Months 
This week Alexander turned 14 months! We finally have access to another camera (the good one is still in the shop...just haven't picked it up yet). He is still so little though! It's like a miniature ball of energy! He's about 23 pounds now.
Alexander is talking too...small words here and there. He can definitely let us know what he wants. He also points and is so adorable in his babble.

Words he says as of 2/22/12 (14 Months) are: Daddy, Doggie, No, Ow... and there is a hint of a maw..maw... but the first 4 words are definite. We've also experimented with some 1-minute time-outs, as he KNOWS what he's not supposed to do (such as hitting the bird cage to torment Zoey) and some other things that he's testing us with, so the time-outs can also be a punishment for Mom and Dad. Alexander has gone right back in the time-out over and over sometimes when he's determined to return to the same behavior! We also had another milestone this week: He slept a full night in his crib for the first time EVER. He's come close a few times, but it finally happened!!! 

Out in the back with big sister 

Temple Motif Flyer
Even though there will be different flyers with different "focuses", here is my first one! This one focuses on the LDS element of specif motifs. The flyer is two-sided which makes it a bit more complicated, but of course, leave it to me to turn simple things into something more difficult!

And once again...regarding the sale at the Gallery....YAY!!!!


  1. Alexander is such a cutie. I love the spirit in his eyes!

  2. Hey, that is awesome! Congratulations!