Friday, February 10, 2012

NEW at Sundust as of TODAY February 10, 2012

Moon Motif 2012 Copyright Jill Henrichsen
Well, these really aren't "new" as I've mentioned these before. However, the ORGINALS are now available at Sundust

Here is my Moon Motif. If it looks familiar, it's because it was the first 2012 completed motif and in this entry from last month. The matte was completed (it takes forever to get a circular matte cut!) and the moon has been placed with the black matte and in a black 16x20 frame. It is going in the basement outlet at Sundust (effective today), since it's smaller than the others and I don't want to charge the $250 minimum that the artwork in the main gallery requires. I plan to have prints of this Moon Motif available as well ($12-$28 depending on size) for the outlet as well.

Also, remember from the November festival when the wind brought down my London-New York-Paris Triptych? (if not, this entry will refreshen your memory) Well, the glass has been fixed for awhile, but I was kind of depressed and had low motivation to actually get it down the gallery. Well, effective today, this is there as well! I already have individual prints of this available along with prints of the Holland motif I have also mentioned previously.

I rotated it to be vertical, but Blogger wants it to be horizontal. As I've mentioned before, the clocks are adjusted to the time zone changes in each city. I'm weird and nerdy like that!

 If you're not local and heading to downtown Mesa doesn't exactly work for you (for originals or prints) and you just know that my artwork needs to beckon your walls or the walls of a loved one, you can comment here to contact me or "like" my Circle Motifs page on Facebook (see link on right-hand side) and message me through Facebook. 

I would love to do what I can to help spread the joy to you with my artwork! I can also do custom work if you're interested! I don't have prices listed for that, because it pretty much depends on the size and what is desired.

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