Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some “Extras” for Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day – February 29th. Yesterday I realized that I managed to have my first two kids on Leap Years (Mikelle in 2000 and Christian in 2004), but the streak was broken with AleXander in 2010. I did, however, manage to have all of them on even years. AleXander made the cut by 9 days.

If it wasn’t a Leap Year in 2004, Christian wouldn’t have been born on St. Patricks Day! I remember using a last ditch excuse to try to convince my doctor to induce Christian a day early because it was Leap Year, so there was an extra day. Of course that extra day was already taken into account, but when you’re desperate to get the kid OUT, you’ll try anything.  My doctor laughed and said, “That’s funny. I haven’t heard that reason before.” I guess after that, he heard just about everything in an effort for someone to be induced sooner.

Turns out, I didn’t need the extra day. Christian came on his own the day before I was to be induced anyway! That was such a horrible pregnancy, I am so grateful for that little bone thrown by fate! 

Something also funny about Leap Year - My birthday is also on the 29th of a month, but not February. My birthday is April 29th. When I was in kindergarten, it was NOT a Leap Year, so there was no February 29th. I remember becoming very upset because my strange almost 5 year old self thought if there was no February 29th, there wouldn’t be a March 29th, or an April 29th, etc, so I was worried I wouldn’t have my birthday! It seemed like such a logical worry to me! I remember my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brown, assuring me that I would have my birthday on April 29th.

Now here I am, decades later. I kind of wish I wouldn’t have my birthday. But if I didn’t, I would also hope that mean my age wouldn't increase either. Oh, if only….

An End of An Era
Speaking of those early school days, this is the book that I checked out EVERY DAY in Pre-School. My mom was pretty annoyed by the fact, but I loved this book. (why didn’t she just get me a copy of it for my birthday or Christmas or something?)

Anyway, I loved Pre-School. I was a Mundall “Munchkin” Mrs. Mundall had a huge (well, it seemed huge to my 4 year old self…) classroom attached to her house. We would check out books every day and this was the one I always checked out. I share this because last week, Jan Berenstain passed away at the age of 88. She was the co-creator of the Berenstain Bears. Stan, her husband, passed away in 2005. Another end of an era. :-( 

I always loved the Berenstain Bears book. The PBS series was okay, but they had the two young bears named “Brother” and “Sister”. That was lame. They could have come up with a better system. It worked in the books, but not the cartoon.

I looked up “The Spooky Old Tree” on Amazon and it says copyright 1978, so it was relatively new when I became addicted. I need to buy it for sentimental reasons. Ironically, I’ve never owned that book!

"What I Really Do" Funnies...
Another “Extra” for this Leap Day are these funnies that are all over Facebook. At least that’s where I’ve seen them. Here is one for Engineers and I promptly e-mailed it to Chris. 

I was going to make one for Art Teachers, but I found this one that an art teacher already made. It’s rather spot-on, but the “what I really do” should also show the teacher buried in projects to grade, or in front of the computer doing another overblown PowerPoint presentation for the next lesson! 
And then I found this one (below), and it's just as accurate too! The cleaning part is rather spot-on! 
And the principal part strikes a chord, because the clueless administrator reviewing me at the high school mentioned the room was a "mess". I believe his exact words were "in dissarray". Um, if I was a math teacher, he had a point. But we were in the MIDDLE of a project that involved ART SUPPLIES! At that point, he didn't review me when we were going over the historical element of the lesson or the notetaking when the room was clean! I swear, if an administrator was a former PE teacher, he/she should NOT t be reviewing Art Teachers! ( a little angry there at the memory for a bit...back to 2012!)
 And here is one for ADHD kids! It’s too funny because – Squirrel!

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