Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seminar Doodles

Chris and I went to a seminar at a big Christian church in the area. One of my favorite psychology/Christian authors was speaking, Kevin Leman. He also brings in the Love Language philosophy coined by another psychology/Christian author, Gary Chapman. Therefore, seeing Kevin Leman brings so many important principles all together. Plus, Kevin, a last-born wise-cracker, makes all the self-improvement/marital/sex/religious talk hilarious.

Leman originally caught my attention with his Birth Order book. From there, hearing an interview on Pat McMahon's The God Show (a local radio show), I knew I had to take this opportunity to attend this seminar. This one was the Marriage Works seminar. Of course, when I doodle in meetings, church, seminars, etc etc, some may think I'm not paying attention. Not the case. I can focus much better with a pen in my hand. The above was yesterday morning's (Part II of the seminar) doodle. Friday night's doodles, Part I of the seminar, were given away to a nice guy sitting in front of us. :-)

I'm trying to figure out how to pursue the next couple Circle Motif projects. I have one I want to do for Sundust (a big one), one custom project, and finishing one I'm working on now that I'm frustrated with, but it has to be completed. I also have three new books (all signed!) by Kevin Leman I have to get cracking on too!

Abbreviated post this time.

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