Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thank You, Teachers!

Today was Mikelle and Christian's last day of school. Mikelle gave a fun little ceramic fish she made to Mrs. Vogt, her teacher, and she said everyone hugged Mrs. Vogt. After a disaster of a teacher for Mikelle's 4th grade year, Mrs. Vogt for 5th grade has been just wonderful.

She held Mikelle accountable and helped her with her organization. She was also wonderful with communicating with the parents.

I had to laugh though - Mikelle asked me if I knew who her sixth grade teacher was yet. I said I didn't know. She replied, "I hope I get Ms. West. She's nice. Lunch detention was in her classroom."

Mikelle then assured me she didn't go to lunch detention that much and it was only when she didn't get her work done that she should have had done. Considering her grades were good and I didn't get any phone calls from the school, I believed her.

Christian's last day of school was even more difficult. He's been blessed to have Ms. Litle for two years in a row. She was his kindergarten teacher and then she became his first grade teacher and "looped" many of her kinder kids into her first grade class. She was amazing in her structure and schedules with Christian and at the same time being warm and loving, but not letting him get away with anything! Mrs. Litle had a BBQ/Potluck last night with the kids and their parents as a great way to end the last 2 years.

I made Mrs. Litle the above artwork. I just wish I was able to find an 8x8 frame in time.

It's crazy to think that in 60+ days I'll have a 6th and 2nd grader.

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