Monday, May 23, 2011

Someone is FIVE Months.

I took these pictures today to commemorate AleXander's five month mark. He turned 5 months yesterday. Wow...five months already.

I know my pregnancy didn't go by this fast! It's just not fair that time moves fast when it comes to babies!

AleXander isn't sure about "Tummy Time" but we're working on it. He also isn't a fan of his crib., Again, we're working on it.

He is a big fist and foot eater. He loves grabbing onto his toes and he will try to eat just about anything around him and shove it into his mouth!

He is quite curious and loves looking around. Oh, he'll give you eye contact, but then get really bored with it quick and look around some more.


I'm so happy it looks like he'll keep his brown eyes! Mikelle got the blue eyes from a recessive gene. Christian got his dad's hazel eyes. Therefore, the fact that AleXander gets my brown eyes is so exciting for me and a previous gift from God that all three colors are in the house and all three have such significance.

As for his appetite... we started him on the cereal a couple of weeks ago, and you wouldn't have thought it was his first time with solids. It was like FEED ME, SEYMORE! from The Little Shop of Horrors. This kid is very serious about his food. I need to get him a onesie or T-shirt that says "Feed Me, Seymore!"

Even mid-blink, he's adorable. I can just eat him up!

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