Saturday, April 2, 2011

To The Great Almighty: Your April Fools Joke is NOT Funny.

Friday was April 1st, and it was without any fun jokes or gags. Heck, even the news talk station that usually throws many people for a loop with an April Fools newstory didn't do it this year (too many people probably got mad at their years' past stories, even though they were obvious to me that they were April Fools gags in the way they were presented).

However, there was one big joke that was NOT funny. It hit 100 degrees. That's the second earliest on record.

The earliest 100-degree day was March 26, 1988.

Yesterday's high broke a record for April 1. The previous record for Phoenix on that date was 96 degrees in 1966.

And even crazier, the hot weather came as a snowstorm walloped New England.

Wish You Were Here

This was also a tough week in that Chris was gone until Thursday evening (3/31). Even though he and I and Alexander returned from Utah on the 26th, Chris had to turn around fly to Houston on the 27th. Therefore, getting myself and Mikelle and Christian back in the groove after Spring Break was accomplished with me flying solo. And to top it off, Chris lost his cell phone, so we had limited communication while he was gone. I e-mailed these pictures of Alexander to him, as he fit into the Pink Floyd romper his Grammy sent last summer!

This post was supposed to mention Mikelle's big choir concert in Phoenix, but for now, this is it for this entry. Time got away from me, and now it's Sunday night. Here we go into a new week! At least it'll go down to the 80s and *they say* chance of rain on Friday and not even reaching 80. Well, here's hoping!

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