Friday, April 22, 2011

4 Months Today...:cry:

It took 6 years for Chris and I to take the plunge and have our last baby. The only thing helping me in those years was knowing we'd have a sweet newborn again and it was in the future. But it's already gone! He's 4 months today, I took these today to capture the event.

Oh, don't get me wrong, - he has a lot more personality than he did as a newborn. However, when they're newborns, everything is in front of us. Now I just feel it slipping away. As I've mentioned before, it's even more difficult because I know he's my last one.

He's so fun - does the cute razz noise, smiles and sometimes squeals in delight. He rolled over once, but didn't like ending up on his tummy so he hasn't done it again. lol His favorite thing? Being changed! He's the happiest ever and most kicky and squirmy when you start to change him. Too funny.
The dog always puts his butt in places we don't want it.

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