Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We now pause for this moment of Christian....

Mikelle has a pillow that is shaped like an "M" for Mikelle. She keeps it on her bed.
A few days ago, Christian turned it over to look like a "W". When Mikelle got mad and yelled at him not to touch it, he said it's "W" for weirdo.
I can't help but think of the SPONGEBOB episode where Patrick said he had the setting on "M" for mini and had to turn it to "W" for Wambo. Such a dumb line...but it got even dumber (and funnier) later when Mermaid Man (voiced by Ernest Borgnine) asked Spongebob if he had it set on "W" for Wambo. I tried to find an adequate YouTube clip of it, but the available ones were in different languages, and none of them had the subsequent Mermaid Man inclusion.

But seriously, for two siblings that want to be together and play together, they sure fight and for lack of better words, piss each other off IMMENSELY. I have to record these kinds of moments because the loss of brain cells I experience from the way they drive me crazy is going to cause me to forget it all!

Maybe I need this book? But the scary thing is, they're ALREADY like best friends, but the kind that FIGHT like crazy. Ugh.
...and this has been a Moment of Christian...