Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wow, Miracles DO Happen...

Okay, so it was already awesome that Winter made a return yesterday and it was rainy and yes, cold. No, not Midwest or Canadian cold. But for April in the desert? It was cold - in other words...AWESOME. But what a beautiful surprise from my vantage point near home! Snow on the Superstitions. This really was one of those desert miracles. Sure, those mountains get dusted with snow at least once a year when we have a good cool winter rain. But not this late in the year. This was gorgeous. An April Day - clouds, rain, crisp air (even without wipers! haha) and views like this! Click on image to see in more detail.

If only it would last. Sadly, despite the miracle, it's still April in the desert. Tomorrow it's already going to be back in the 80s.

Christian's Solar System
Just this passed Friday, Christian had a huge project due. It was a shoebox model of the Solar System. He was sooooo excited about this project. Here it is, unveiled in its glory (and we gave Pluto an "Honorable Mention"):
He's going to give his oral presentation tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

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