Saturday, April 9, 2011

Now That's More Like It...

It's a good thing I haven't changed the position is of first song from my playlist (Gravity by John Mayer), because it still applies.

This was not a good week. I was running on emotional and physical fumes. Plus, Chris might as well have been out of town. Twice a year at the plant, they have to work really long shifts because of specialized procedures. This was one of those weeks and because he works 2 hours away, it was as if he wasn't even home. And to top it off, he had to go in today (Saturday) because someone threw out their back. He's exhausted (in fact, he sent me a text this morning that said "I'm alive. I think.") and I'm wondering when the world will stop spinning because I want to get off of it. I am relieved I'm resigning at the end of the year to stay home, but there are a lot of bi-polar feelings that are going with it. I admit I haven't been handling it all that well.'s raining today! Not only that, it's FORTY degrees cooler than it was a week ago. It was 100 on April 1st, and here we are on April 9th and the high will be about 60. Now, that's more like it! However, the windshield wipers don't work on the car. Oops. We had been putting off getting that fixed. It's easy to procrastinate on that when rainy days are few and far between.

A week ago, Mikelle's choir group at the Middle School performed at a special Voices of the Valley Event in Phoenix put on by and with the Phoenix Childrens Choir. We forgot the camera. HOWEVER... at a school board meeting 3 days later, her group performed again. There she is in the back center in the pretty shimmery silver dress (click on it to see in more detail):

Phoenix Children's Choir have their auditions in a month. I'm encouraging Mikelle to go. She says she's "not sure". We'll see what happens.

Mohawk Boy
The next morning, the kids got a hold of the camera while we were getting ready for the day. Here are the results. The pictures speak for themselves:

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