Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quick Trip 2011 (no, not the convenience store)

..though I love QTs! Chris calls it my "church" because between the one on Hunt Hwy on the way to work and the one by us in Queen Creek, they've become my "rituals". But that isn't what this post is about. There were no QTs within hundreds of miles on this "quick trip".

At the tail end of my Spring Break, Chris, the baby and I took a quick trip to Utah to visit his sister AnneMarie. Alexander got to meet his cousin's Carson and Maren, and he even met his cousin Jacy!
What I loved about the trip? Well, lots of things. The weather was awesome. It's Spring, but it was nice and cloudy and they had rain and SNOW. It is so nice to go to a place that isn't always hot and sunny. Sure, it gets warm there, but only when it should get warm there. Not the rest of the year like here in Hell. It's also so quaint and beautiful there with the architecture. Even the new buildings have character. No rocks for landscape. No beige gross houses that all the look the same. Even the houses there that do look the same have character. Unlike here.

But this isn't a complaining entry. And it was nice to come home back to my QTs! lol
Alexander experienced his first snow there. Isn't it beautiful?! I know Chris thought it was beautiful too, even if he won't say it out loud.
Spring Snow March 25, 2011
Alexander and Daddy
He met his cousins Carson, Maren and Jacy. That same day we went down to Provo and visited Jacy in her apartment. We had some fun conversations about the dynamics of siblings and birth order.
Jacy and Alexander March 25, 2011
Carson caught holding Alexander (Carson liked to be more aloof about holding the baby). I need to dig up pictures of Chris and I with brand new baby Carson! lol
Alexander with his Aunt AnneMarie 3/25/11
With his cousin Maren 3/26/11
Mommy and Alexander 3/26/11
Carson, Maren, Alexander and Doggie Dexter.
Carson went to the prom right before we left to go home! Here he is ready to go!
Before we left for Utah, here are some pictures of Alexander on his 3-month birthday. One picture is off center because I would get him to smile, then he would stop when I got behind the camera. So the last one, I didn't look through the camera as I wanted to keep him smiling.
3/22/11 Age 3 Months!
This one is just funny:
And another from yesterday, a few hours before we came home:

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  1. Is he not the cutest thing ever?! Those cheeks. That hair. So stinkin adorable!!