Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Seven!

Seven years ago today, the end to a crazy pregnancy and crazy labor brought me this little St. Patrick's Day boy and he was born with just about the same amount of hair he has now!

I think of the "roller coaster" talk towards the end of the movie "Parenthood" and that describes our life with Christian. (click here and the whole clip is here) From the get-go, we saw his fascination with gadgets, beeps, buttons, and "how things work". We saw his speed and how fast he developed in just about everything. His intellect was amazing and impressive while at the same time we wanted to pull our hair out (and still do).

We love this little guy, and thankfully, he keeps us laughing through all the adventures. From the funny things he says to the crazy things he does, we know we have quite a wonderful spirit in our hands. I always say, "he's going to grow up to be something amazing...if he lives that long!" Or if I live that long, for that matter.

He is a loving little brother who loves his sister (as you can see here), and no one can annoy her in just the perfect way that he does:

Despite that Mikelle calls him "annoying", they have a closeness and want to be together, even if being together creates more noise and drama than apart.

And he LOVES his little brother and LOVES being a big brother.

Although I am a bit worried about what little diddies Christian will "teach" Alexander:

We love you Christian. There isn't a dull day with you around. And we adore how loving and sweet you can be! You impressed teachers in pre-school because you kept saying, "I love my Mom...." "My Mom is soooo pretty..."

Yeah, keep saying things like that, Christian! Even if I don't believe it myself!

Sure, it's hard to get you out of our bed. It's hard to keep you away from the scotch tape. But that's part of the roller coaster.

I look at how you've grown, Christian, and I wonder where the last seven years have gone. You're almost a big second grader and you're already reading well into the second grade level! You use words like "gravity" "phlegm" and "resume". And you've always been so insightful and fascinated with things that we wouldn't think of to be intrigued by. That's what's so fascinating about you.

Happy Birthday Christian! Stop growing so fast!

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