Sunday, May 17, 2009

T-Minus 5 Days and Counting.... the last day of school. Well, it is for me down at my campus. Christian and Mikelle have another week to go (and you don't hear me complaining). I do not know how well I can get through this coming final week. This past week was not good. I hope these next five days go better than the last set of weekdays.

And I'm trying to snap out of the depressive state I've been in. I was fine Friday night as it was Mikelle and I's annual Mommy/Daughter Date. Christian and Chris went camping at the Fathers/Sons outing, so Mikelle and I went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack way over by AZ Mills (she's been wanting to go back there since we went there as a family last July!), then we went to As You Wish and painted pottery until they closed at 10pm. I would have liked more time to work on my piece, but at least I had the chance to be creative outside the classroom. But of course it was an expensive way to accomplish that needed outlet. Still, Mikelle and I had a good time, and unlike past times she and I have painted there, she was much more cooperative and responsive to my suggestions, even if she didn't always accept them. But hey, it's progress! :-)

Unfortunately, Christian came down with an ear infection while he and Chris were getting ready to settle in for the night with the other guys up on the Mogollon Rim, so they came back home Friday night around 11pm. Chris took Christian to the doctor first thing Saturday morning, and Mikelle and I continued our annual tradition and went out to breakfast. I'm glad she chose the Queen Creek Olive Mill for breakfast. It's nearby (like the doctor's office, so we could be in touch with Chris easier) and a nice local part of history and business. I have to remember to bring out-of-towners there. That is, if there are ever out-of-towners that come and visit. But that's another matter entirely.

However, as Saturday went on, the "poopy-place" I've been with work kind of returned. I just wanted to be in bed, even when I'm not tired, I make myself sleep. Not good. I did that today while sending Chris and the kids to church. I hope it's a temporary thing and once this school year is behind me, so will this "poopy place". But one good thing came out of me not leaving the house in over 24 hours -- I didn't have to feel the reality of the 107 degrees is reached today.

And here's a thank you "shout out" to Lara for the new blog header! Thanks Lara!


  1. what a fun tradition, with you and mikelle. I hope Christian is feeling better, too bad about missing camping:(

    5 more days, you can totally make it, you have done worse and longer things I know. Hey I have an idea, you and Christian should come with Mikelle and we can play! How fun would that be. Mom is thinking about going to Lagoon at some time, I think you should think about it. And don't say you don't have the money, because I know you can find a way :) It would be so fun!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun time with Mikelle. I never did get around to going to that pottery place, and I wish I had.

    Only 5 more days. You can do it. 5 days left for us, too. I hope you have lots of fun planned this summer! You deserve it!