Monday, May 4, 2009

I never thought a phrase with "throw up" in it could sound so cute...

First Things First...
Before I get to the reason behind the title, just posting some um, "outtake" squinty photos from Easter Sunday. I didn't share them before, so here they are. This was of course after the fun Easter morning candy excitement and the excitement of looking for eggs. This was the part where they had to look clean and ready to go to church! Ahhh....a child's favorite part!

Easter fell after the unfortunate teeth accident at school and before she had them fixed. (Mikelle did get her teeth fixed last Tues (4/28). Not a 100% fix of course, but a huge improvement! her two front teeth look as good as new!)

But I Digress....
So as per one of my recent posts, last Thurs Christian got a mild stomach thing that was very fast moving. He threw up once and then within 12 hours it was as if it never happened. Well, tonight Mikelle hurled in the backseat of the car. She said it was because daddy was driving too fast, but we were just driving down the street in our neighborhood and it was a typical Chris-speed that is usually a little below typical residential speeds. And other little things tonight added up to Mikelle's incident being the same little stomach thing that Christian had. So we get home and I help Mikelle with a quick "rinse down" in the shower and she insists to curl up in the rocking chair instead of going right to bed.

She said, "what if I throw up in the middle of the night?"

I was in the kitchen and I said I had a bowl for her to keep by her bed and Christian wanted to take it to her. I pulled the plastic bowl out of the cupboard and handed it to Christian. He took it to her and gosh, I wish I had it on tape. The cutest little thing as he walked it over to her and said, "this is to throw up in tonight, okay?"

Maybe it's one of those "hand to be there" things. But I never thought the subject of vomit could "come out" (no pun intended) sounding so cute.

I'm sure Mikelle will be fine. It was a mild little stomach attack with Christian and it's looking that way with Mikelle. It's Chris's turn to stay home if that is what is necessary tomorrow.

To Avoid Ending on Vomit....
And now, since I don't want to end on the vomit-story, here's another Easter Sunday picture. :-)


  1. Aww, poor kiddos. That is *so* cute, though, oh my gosh. And the Easter photos are cute too!

  2. Awww...I think it's super cute when they try to take care of each other like that.

    And the Easter pictures are perfect!