Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mikelle-isms from the past 24 hours.

Mikelle: Mom, I want this gigantic cupcake maker I saw on TV! (as per a marathon commercial meant to entice...)
Me: You need to stop paying attention to commercials. They're meant to make you want what they're selling.
Mikelle: I don't pay attention to the commercials that much. Only when they have something I want.

Mikelle: (bossing around Christian) Go get a bowl from the dishwasher!
Christian: (going to the dishwasher and yelling out to her in the family room) Are these clean or dirty?!
Mikelle: (calling back to Christian) Are the bowls on the top full of dirty yucky water?!
: Yeah!
Mikelle: They're they're clean!

BTW...yesterday was the LAST day! For lunch, us teachers and I went to the local dive bar and they had their alcoholic daiquiris and margaritas and I had a ball with my virgin strawberry banana daiquiri (forgot how much I loved those! Used to make them in the blender all the time before Chris and I had kids! We need to start doing that again!) and club sandwhich! Woo hoo! Of course I got hassled for the virgin part, but I just gave it back to them. We all know each other pretty well by now. The other LDS teacher was going to come (she has in the past), but she had to stay and do something with her room. Though no one would have hassled her about a virgin daiquiri because she's pregnant! lol

And it was PERFECT day to end the year. After crappy triple digit days, it was in the 80s, breezy, NO SUN and sprinkly. PERFECT. If it was that way all summer, you wouldn't hear a complaint from me!


  1. Yay!! Too funny Mikelle:). We had 97 one day last week. It hasn't been that hot since 07. I hated it. H-A-T-E-D it. But now it's back in the 70's and I'm happy again. We get our pretty late here, so we've got a few more weeks to go.

  2. Well, when she puts it like that I wonder why we have dishwashers!

  3. Sorry, tht was me...and it's too much work to log my mom off.