Monday, August 4, 2014

Still Riding the Storm...

No, these aren't my kids or my house. Thank goodness!
Public Service Announcement: Even though a lot of painting needs to be done, don't rely on a 10 year old and 14 year old.

However, if you're desperate, you might have to do it anyway. Let's break out the Picard Face-Palm again:
Last Thursday, after just the kids and I (as Chris was working) worked on painting touch-ups at the Queen Creek house and having the disgusting hallway carpet replaced, we picked up Alexander at my angel friend's house (seriously, she's been awesome to "adopt" Alexander from me during these marathon working sessions at the Queen Creek house). Heading back to Wickenburg, the last ten miles were met with lightning and thunder (some very very close) and the last 3 miles or so in heavy rain. About two minutes after taking shelter inside (and rescuing a couple of boxes that were getting wet), the power went out. Due to the craziness of the storm, I knew it was only a matter of time. The kids are still having a hard time getting used to the power outages. We had one the previous weekend as well due to a storm. In Queen Creek, I remember one power outage from a storm and it was 8-9 years ago. That was the only one that lasted a few hours. Any others lasted only a few minutes. Therefore, the two power outages we've had in this new residence has proven to be another new experience for the kids. They aren't fans of them.

Chris was about 45 minutes away, and I figured it would be possibly longer due to the storm. The kids cuddled with me on the bed, and it was quite funny hearing how they were making up words to a goofy song.

However, you know what's really fun during a crazy storm with a power outage? When a dog decides that's the moment to take a giant crap on the floor. 

Then again, I've concluded that it's clear symbolism of this whole moving experience:

Storm: Packing up our home and changing our lives with a move across town in the middle of SUMMER in HELL. New schools, new ward (congregation), not really knowing anyone, the pain of moving such as the packing, unpacking, etc...

Power outages: The additional sadness and depression that comes from a move like this. The annoying and arduous continual work on the Queen Creek house (painting, replacing a door, fixing the floor from where Alexander pulled up the wood trim pieces previously, etc). When the power outage lasts even longer than a couple hours, it symbolizes how every time we turn around, there is something else that needs to be done.

Dog crap on the floor: The "are you fricking kidding me?!" madness that has occurred during all this such as BS like the car tire two weeks ago, the transmission immediately after that, needing to get a new car in the midst of all this, kids whining and complaining and fighting constantly, things flying out of the back of the truck, the air conditioner at the new residence not wanting to cool if it gets over 105 degrees outside, etc...etc... Need I go on?

Koi Fish piece from 2011
However, there are good things. I've mentioned my wonderful friend who keeps Alexander at her house for hours on end while we work at the Queen Creek house. And Chris being home a whole hour earlier (the whole reason we moved here) is a blessing within itself. And because I don't have the neighborhood weight room anymore, I obtained an 18 month membership to a nice gym down in Surprise. That has been an oasis of peace for me in the midst of the storm. It's about 25 miles away, but it's so worth it as it also has childcare, so Alexander can have fun playing with other kids while I work out. There are blessings. Just like during the power outages (and dog crap on the floor), there is the beauty of the storm, lightning and rain. 

Another blessing that has occurred is I found this Koi Fish piece I did in 2011. It was previously misplaced and found in a bin of stuff (from my classroom at the high school) in the garage. I couldn't deny the symbolism of the Koi Fish itself and where it falls into this point in our lives. The Japanese Koi Fish means good luck, but they also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. I would say that fits!

As for new art, I did complete another one this week, but it's going to have to wait before being shown, due to personal reasons.

I want a "Toothless" Night Fury
This previous weekend had another marathon paint and work day at the Queen Creek house. It was a good day to be working on the garage as it was below 100 degrees, cloudy and then rainy. The downside of that is making sure our stuff in the trailer didn't get damaged by the rain.  

Then as we were finally leaving around 9:00pm, Chris announced that he wanted to take the kids (the two older ones) to a movie. 

We were exhausted and I was covered in paint. And even though I had showered 12 hours earlier, it wasn't obvious due to the state of my clothes and how tired I was. "Gross" doesn't even begin to cover my appearance. However, he wanted to make sure the kids were rewarded for the hard work. He wanted to make sure they weren't forgotten when it's easy to do in the stress of this madness and all the work that needs to be done. 

The movie issue put me in a dilemma, because I wanted to just go home and they could be rewarded later. But it was really important to Chris. We were in two cars, but it was raining and would it be a good idea to leave a trailer full of stuff in the parking lot of a movie theater on a Saturday night? I think not. Especially in the part of town we would be in because that particular theater had the time for How to Train Your Dragon 2 that would work for us. 

Yes, I was stressing out. It had been a long day and I was beyond shredded and SO DONE with this chaotic freak show that this move has proven to be. However, as I stated before, Chris was really wanting to make sure the kids saw the movie. I didn't feel comfortable driving the trailer in the rain and dark, but I didn't feel comfortable having it left in the parking lot in the rain either.

What ended up happening was Chris took the trailer on to Wickenburg with Alexander, and I joined the two kids with the movie - at the 10:15pm showing with paint all over my clothes. I looked beautiful :sarcasm: . The three of us got out of the movie at midnight and it wasn't until after 1am that we arrived home. At least the freeways and roads were empty and peaceful. Once arriving home and hitting the bed, I announced that I would be taking a literal day of rest. No churchy for me that morning! Therefore, no Sunday Doodle. 

Things are getting back to normal. Well, kind of. And slowly. 

There will be another Queen Creek trip this weekend. Please please please I hope this is the last one. I don't want to go back to Queen Creek again unless it's for the big Halloween party in two months or if I'm getting my hair done! You think I'm going to give up the best hair dresser? No way. 100 measly miles aren't enough for me to find a new one!

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  1. You are so talented...if I were a jealous person, though not...I'm envious of it, yes :)