Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rainy Days and Tuesdays...

Happy Birthday, Babe!
...Do not bring me down! 

I love morning rain and storms! Thunder and lightning seems so much more beautiful in the morning. And yes, we are invaded with weeds, but it is so green! I never thought I'd say this in August, but I love how green the desert looks. The rolling hills by the high school are especially green. It's just a little taste of how beautiful the desert can be. That's the part of this desert that I do love. It does happen. 

And with the dark storm clouds rolling in - even better!

However, the inundation of rain down closer to Phoenix has caused some flooding. Hopefully all this will help the drought, but the real help comes in the winter with runoff from snow-melt.

Today is also Chris's birthday. Last night we went out for Mexican food and part of Chris's gift was the kids didn't fight or cause a catastrophe on the 30 minute ride to the restaurant or back! The restaurant experience itself could have been better, but it wasn't too bad. If only duct taping your three year old to the booth would be acceptable. THEN the restaurant experience would have been closer to ideal.

Spooky Season is just around the corner if they're already selling Halloween candy in the stores. Who buys Halloween candy in August? If I did that, I'd have to buy more to replace the candy that was consumed. But this also means the craft pumpkins are in stock and I can begin my Pumpkin Art. The one pictured here was finished today and it's off to Georgia tomorrow! 

Next post: Our little snakey visitor last week, how God continues to have a sense of humor when it comes to accomplishing what should be a simple errand, and how awesome it is to hear the river flowing behind us!

I'd try to write about it now, but apparently the universe does not want me to blog today.


  1. If you send a snake with that pumpkin, I will haunt you and yours for all eternity. :)

    1. Bawahahaha! When I sealed the box, there were no extra stowaways. But weirder things have happened. ;-) :-)