Wednesday, August 20, 2014

...Not So Rainy Days and Wednesdays...

Hassayampa River August 19, 2014
No, I'm not sad the rain is over, but I do miss the clouds and diffused light. If the sun could just stay behind clouds most of the time, I'd be less bitter about its existence. That reminds me, there was a story on NPR this morning that I missed, but it was about people that have Seasonal Affective Disorder more with the sunlight than with cloudy weather. I looked for the story online, but couldn't find it. Maybe it's still coming up this week.

The Hassayampa River was running crazy yesterday with all the rain and storms. It was only 4:30 in the afternoon and it was nice and breezy and in the 80s. About 5 miles upstream, we stopped near the center of town and stood on the bridge and watched the water. Yes, when we desert rats here in hell get a lot of rain and see running water in washes and rivers, we take pictures of it and talk about it. That's how deprived we are.

I wanted to walk out to the river behind our residence, as we can hear it running. But there is a metropolis of red ants and multiple red ant hills 'guarding' the gate leading out from our yard. I wussed out. I can handle a lot of things, but there's something about millions of huge red ants that make me want to run screaming and throw a stick of dynamite down their holes. Since I'm not a character in a Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon with immediate ACME access to sticks of dynamite, I figured we'd enjoy the running river from the bridge.
This one shows the waves to get an idea of how fast and how much water was flowing.

Hassayampa River and Gorgeous Storm Clouds. Looking South. Sorry for the flabby woman in the foreground.
But yes, Mother Nature may have given Chris a nice birthday present with the cooler temperatures and nice rainy day yesterday. But the gift didn't include being home on time. Below is the main road his vanpool takes to and from work, and as you can see, they had to wait a bit before continuing on home.  At least no one was being a moron and trying to cross the thing. Here is a 10 second video to show how fast and deep it was.
Okay, I meant to include the stupid adventure Christian and I had last Friday. This is how I know God has a sense of humor and he's not done with making sure I'm just one foot from the entry of the looney bin - just so he can say, "Okay, I'm kidding...."  You know, like he did with Abraham when he was just seconds away from killing Isaac.

Friday afternoon, after driving 60 miles into Central Phoenix to the doctor appointment with Christian (which actually was fine. That's not the annoying, we made a Rubios run as part of it! Yum!) 

We received three scripts (prescriptions) from the doctor. I expected that. We go to Walgreens in Surprise which is 35 miles from the new residence (no Walgreens in Wickenburg). Okay, try to follow me here. That Walgreens (Walgreens #1) had one of the three medications in stock, but not the other two. The Walgreens closest to that one (Walgreens #2), had the second Rx in stock, but not the first or third. The next Walgreens closest to that (Walgreens #3) had the third one in stock but not the first two.
Three different Walgreens. 

Christian was the one that started complaining. I tried to keep a positive attitude about it. I was succeeding until the LAST Walgreens when we went back to pick up the Rx. Silly me - going to the drive-through to save time! The car in front contains two huge women and they are taking forever. They were probably trying to get meds they wouldn't need if they just stopped eating Krispy Kreme all the time. Okay, that last part was mean. But seriously? I ended up backing up and going inside the store and that car was still at the window. After I picked up and paid for the prescription they were still there. Geez. 

The good part in all this is the pharmacist at the first Walgreens (Walgreens #1) saw the crapstorm that was ahead of me and was very nice to make it as easy as possible.  Someone like her really helps when it's hard to see the silver lining.

I have never ever had that problem before with prescriptions. Friends of mine shared similar stories, but I guess I had just been rather lucky up until now.

And to end this post on something beautiful - but sadly, out of reach - $110 at Macy's. Booooooo! But just in case, I wear a size 9 1/2. But Size 10 works.

Until next time. I still haven't added the snakey adventure. lol

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