Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mid-week Snippets

Sunday Doodle 8/10/14
I am not sure how this post is going to come together, due to feeling that I have about 100 browsers open all at once in my head. 

Therefore, there may be random turns in this post without warnings or segways. No, there will be random turns in this post without warnings or segways. 

However, the good news is the madness phase of the move is over.  Sure, we're still in the tedious crap phase, but hey, no more madness.

The madness of course is the constant working and overwhelming frustration with the Queen Creek house and the constant back and forth between one extreme edge of the valley to the other. Yeah, the gasoline industry loves us.

We do have to go back again, but this time, it's just to sweep up the backyard and retrieve something. And there is no hurry to do so, since we don't have our renters moving in for a couple of weeks.

That's right! We have renters!
X-man showing off his Pirate tattoo on Sunday!

Yay! Looks like they'll only be renting for about 6 months or so, however, but we're still happy to have renters. More financial stress taken off our shoulders. 

Last Sunday, we came back from church and Alexander immediately wanted to show us his pirate tattoo. I laughed, not understanding why the nice older lady who teaches him at church would have the kids put pirate tattoos on! Turns out, it was the work of his 14yo sister. Since he was still in his church clothes and his hair looked like it could pass as being combed, I figured it was time for another picture. 

That night, while watching Scrubs on Netflix, Chris comes in and gets exasperated.
Me: What?
Chris: why do you have the Closed Captions on? (Looking for remote to turn them off) Did you turn them on?!
Me: No, but maybe if you watch it with them on, you'll know how words are really spelled.

Chris first said Scrubs was a little stupid (we watched it off and on when it was on prime-time), but it is the perfect mix of humor and seriousness for me. This Dr. Cox line sums it up. And when we did see that episode, both Mikelle and Chris said, "That's totally you!" 

Yes, I know. I'm going to hell. 

And I laughed so hard the other day at this line from 0:12-0:30. I hope I'm lucky enough when I'm 65 to have boobs that are 29 and a face that is 40. Awesome. 

And any show that uses an Erasure song as part of its plot for an episode is good enough for me. I think A Little Respect was my favorite song for the entire summer I was 15. Anytime it was played at a 5-Stake Dance, was a natural high. Especially if I was asked to dance. But that's a bonus. Dancing to it either way was awesome.

Okay, one more: Turk's Bugle witch nails. Hilarious. Reminds me of days of a faster metabolism (when I was in my 20s...before Christian's pregnancy... :sigh: and I could snack on Bugles...)...I could pretend to do the witch nails without eating the Bugles. But who are we kidding? I'd eat the Bugles.

Same day on Sunday the above Sunday Doodle was completed.  And on Tuesday I got an order for a large Dr. Who print! It was sent off to Rhode Island yesterday. 

Now that the madness has settled, I need to get back on the art promotion train. I'm also working on a steam-punk piece. 

As for settling into life on this end of the world - there has been a lot of more rain here than in the valley. That's been nice. It's gotten really green here and it does cool off more at night. 

Has the house building started yet? 

I better not go there.

Until next time...

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