Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Taking a Second to Remember...

First, it's important to take a second to remember the fateful day of 9/11/01. It's crazy that it's been 11 years. Mikelle was just 13 months old. I was surprised that my NYC Motif has had some attention on Etsy. Not a sale of a print, per se, but a few have added it to their "Favorites". I am quite honored! 

I am sure past 9/11 entries I may have gotten into where I was when I heard 11 years ago. If I haven't, I'll come back and add an edit to this entry.

On the subject of art, here is the completed Salt Lake Temple Motif. It has already been added to my Etsy shop as well:
I have more completed artwork to add, but the computer has been quirky with the thumb drive that has the scans on it. Therefore, this is an abbreviated posting. 

X-Man Diaper Fetching
Oh, I almost forgot. Mikelle took a cute video of X-Man last week. As always, I gave it a public setting on Facebook because it's still a pain to try to put videos on here. Here is the link: Clicky Here

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