Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Is In the Air!

Well, sort of. It's still very warm, but there are signs that Autumn is coming. Sure, I'm sad we cannot have this season as other parts of the country, but at least another Summer is coming to a close!
To the left is a Blue and Gold partial color motif I finished and posted it to the Etsy shop earlier this week! 

If we add another bird to our "brood" it'll be a Blue and Gold. But that'll have to wait for the Wickenburg house.

Moving along...the air is cooler in the mornings and Halloween is coming! And you know what that means? I get all crazy excited and obsessive! Yay! Here is my first of who knows how many Halloween motifs. This (below) hasn't been scanned yet, but I did post it to Etsy anyway taken with the camera.

Why it is tilted that way, I don't know. It's not how I saved and edited it. We'll try this one (below).

I'm already working on another Halloween one (hint: It'll be Witchy) until a client gives me info for a custom motif she would like me to make for her daughter.

Moving along...last month, after I finished the San Antonio Temple motif, I completed a second one with a custom twist for my nephew and his wife who were married last December. i couldn't post it right away because they hadn't seen it yet. I was slow getting the frame and having it sent to them, but finally, it is in their hands! Therefore, I can share it now. 
It says "Example" because it's one of the samples on the Etsy site of custom temple motifs that I can complete for others. Mikkel and Lise of course do not have that on the original work I sent them.

I've also made this and posted it on a few Facebook pages. Of course traffic is still slow.

In addition to the Blue and Gold Macaw tribute above, here is one that pays homage to my ultime "dream" bird - the Blue Hyacinth Macaw. If you really want to know why it's a "dream" bird, google the price of these beauties. 

Back when I was finishing up my last year at San Tan Foothills, I did this Watercolor of a Blue Hyacinth . I gave it some last minute touch-ups and added it as well. 
And to end with something completely unrelated and has nothing to do with my art, it's this silly 23 second stop-motion video Christian and Mikelle made today. My favorite part is when the Dragon returns at the end. 

Click Here.

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