Sunday, September 2, 2012

He Thinks He's Big People

8/31/12 20 Months Old
AleXander is certainly trying to let us know he's in a big hurry to grow up. 

He reminds me of little tiny dogs who stand up to the big dogs because they don't realize how small they are.

I know it's hard to realize how small you are when you're only around big people. Christian is 8 and Mikelle is 12, and then there's Mom and Dad. When I take Christian to Cub Scouts and they're all playing basketball in the Cultural Hall, Alexander gets so excited, yells "Ballll!" and runs into the middle of the game as if he's the star player with no sense of how much bigger those boys are and any danger involved.

It's sad for me because I want my baby to stay a baby as long as possible. On the flip side, I love seeing him learn and grow and what he gets excited about. 

And boy, is he talking. I used to be able to make a cute short list of the words he says or tries to say. Now I've lost track! And we're still working on "please" though! 

Trying a little list even though I know I'll leave stuff off:

Big Bird - Big-Buh 0r Buh Buh
Spongebob - Buh Bob! 
Elmo - "Mo"
Remote - "Mo"
Jesus - Jeesah
Nose - No
Ear - Ear (with an "ah" for the r)
Eye - Eye
Snake - Nake
Blue - Boo 
Steve (as in "Blues Clues") - Deev
Mao Zedong
Ball - Ball
Daddy - Daddy
Mommy - Ma
Doggie - Was "Doggie", now is just "Dog" 
Fish - Feese or Feesh
Dorothy - "Dothy" For Elmo's fish Dorothy

Star - Dar
Flower - Wowwuh
Door - Doh
Moon - Boon
Tree - Tee
Bird - Buhh
Airplane - I can't make the word for it, but I know it when I hear it and he's pointing in the sky.
Cat - Mow (for "Meow") Pronounced like "Mao" (right)

And one of his fun noises and terms of endearments? Snorty Pig noises. Gotta love that kid!

Can you tell he loves hats? He's rocking his big sister's Fedora and a Halloween felt candy holder:

When his big brother Christian was 18 months, I put him in his dad's Fedora, a big shirt and one of dad's ties to get this adorable shot. It was August 2005:
Christian 18 Months 8/2005
Due to my summer "blahs" I didn't get around to doing the same with Alexander until a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, my friend Mindy was ready and willing with the camera. You can't tell Christian and Alexander are brothers, can you? ;-)

8/31/12 20 Months Old
 We would had more smiley pics, but despite a long morning nap, X-man was in a MOOD. He's generally a very happy kid, but not free of drama and when he is in a different mood, he makes sure you know about it. (nah, not one of my kids, right?)

And trades are great. For Mindy's services, she walked away with one of my Lehi's Dream prints in a black 12x12 frame. 
Oh wait, that's the right frame but that's not Lehi's Dream. That's my London Motif. Here is the Lehi's Dream in a frame:

And get this - When my ETSY Shop went live a few weeks ago, I thought my Washington DC print was available and listed! Somehow I left it off and didn't notice until today! Here it is! I'll also have a 14x14 $30.00 listing in addition to a 12x12 listing.


Come on, Autumn! It's not fair for the rest of the country to break out sweatshirts and have the crispness in the air while we're still sweating it out. This is a another hard part of summer because it drags on!

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