Monday, April 30, 2012

Pleasant Birthday Sunday

Oh, if only the fun birthdays can continue without the age increase. 

Many thanks to my friends Bruce and Liz Crosby and Sholee and Tev Kreps for making a Sunday birthday a fun one! Leap year making my birthday land on a Sunday is a cruel joke, by the way. 

And this might sound mean regarding increasing age, but it's not.  Chris and the kids got me all the Oil of Olay "Pro-X" stuff that I had been hinting at forever! And last night at the Crosby's, I received the Voodoo Revenge Kit! I put a short video of it on Facebook since posting videos on here is all in vain. I gave it a public link (below).  It picks up after I read Bruce's very different and creative card. 

And many thanks to Sholee and her daughter Ryann for the YUUUU-MMMM-YYYY Cookie-like Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Cake. Yum Yum Yum! I know I could have taken leftovers home, but that would have been a bad idea! That is HOW YUMMY that cake was.  

 I have to move on from that, because now I want more cake....

That's  Mikelle hiding on my shoulder. And I think Christian was still upstairs.

And today, I received a nice present from my mom via UPS and Alexander was extremely happy to get into the fun that it entailed. 

And remember the mouse-pad giveaway last week? Well despite it looking like nepotism and other favoritism, the random names that were drawn were my sister Rebecca and friend Shantell.  It really was a random drawing though. 

Becca received her mouse-pad today and here is my niece Brisa proudly modeling it. She upstages the art!

And that's April! 

If only the awful summer months can fly by as the winter ones do! Sadly, it doesn't seem to work out that way.

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