Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Latest Circle Motifs!

In February and March, two big Circle Motif projects were my focus. 


The first one was commissioned custom work for a young lady who is turning 17 later this month. It is a birthday present for her, and her mother wanted to make this birthday extra special because they are moving again and it will be hard for her to leave her friends that she made (so if you know the birthday girl, be quiet until after her birthday! She hasn't seen this yet!). Her mother provided me with a lot of different facts, information, qualities, etc, and this is what I put together.

I suggested to the parents to put it in a square black frame with hanging hardware on each side, so it could be rotated. 

Lehi's Dream

My other project was LDS-specific - Lehi's Dream. I've always wanted to create artwork with this as the focus. Some aspects of it were more challenging than I expected, but I'm mostly happy with the results. There were a few things I took creative liberty with that those that are about the technicalities may have trouble with, but such is life!

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