Friday, May 4, 2012

Latest Motif - Washington DC Temple 1.0

Why 1.0? Well, it was late in the game with this one that I was made aware of the 8 door medallions on the outside of this temple, so it seemed only appropriate to incorporate it. 

However, most of the composition was completed, so it was tricky sneaking them in.

Now, after the fact, I have a better idea of how I would make a motif of the Washington DC temple with the 8 door medallions represented. However, I have to move on to other projects before I return to Washington DC temple "2.0".

Therefore, this is the Washington DC temple motif for now. 

This blog entry from blogger Scott has more information on the door medallions along with photographs.  As he states in his entry, the left side of the door, the medallions represent a star, planet, and concentric circles representing eternity.  On the right side of the doors, the medallions represent the big dipper, north star, the earth, the moon and seven pentagons representing seven dispensations.  

This design is available if you would like to purchase a print. Please let me know if you are interested, and please visit my  Circle Motifs Facebook Page

AleXander getting into the game during the composition of Washington DC Temple Motif 1.0; April 2012

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