Monday, January 23, 2012

A Few Things...Forgotten Motifs, Artybuzz and Sleeping Invasions!

In a drawing pad,. I found a Circle Motif from September that I forgot about!

I also found a great art site out of the UK called ARTYBUZZ! As of today, I've already uploaded 9 Circle Motifs (including the one above!). Through them you can buy a simple inexpensive postcards of my motifs all the way up to larger prints. The prices listed are the UK currency, but if you're in the US or Canada, the exchange would be made to the dollar, depending on how well the dollar is doing (the price would be slightly higher or lower). Here is the link to my artwork on Artybuzz: If you go to the homepage, the category my art is under is Illustrations.

Excuse the short post this time - my poor baby has a 102 fever today. It started yesterday. If he still has it tomorrow morning, I'm taking him to the doctor. The below illustration (not by me) also helps explain the short posts. This doesn't apply to only when Alexander is sick. It's pretty much all the time. Someone posted this on Facebook and I immediately shared it because it is defintiely our lives right now.

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  1. I love your work and I would love to use the round motive as a background of my blog, but the artybuzz links don't seem to work..