Monday, January 9, 2012

Common Household Issues

Issue #1:

As a homeowner, you cannot just call a landlord to fix a problem. You OWN the problem. Well, I wouldn't call this a problem. It's more like an adorable obstacle.

The Dishwasher Blocker:

Plus, even if we did rent, I don't see what the landlord could do about it anyway.

The blocker likes to prevent dirty dishes from entering the washer. And it occasionally removes the dirty dishes before they've had a chance to wash. It also likes to unload the dishwasher for you, but it doesn't prefer to place the dishes where they go. These said dishes are usually found in other parts of the house, along with packs of Ramen noodles. Yes, the dishwasher blocker does not restrict the applicance attacks to the dishwasher. It can strike pantries, drawers, cupboards, and while we're at it, just about any part of the house. It is also known to rip off its diaper and pee in your bed less than 48 hours after you put on clean sheets.

Issue #2:

This one also doesn't matter if you own or rent. You give your husband a "honey-do" task before bed, but instead you find this:
 Convenient Sleepage

There are both pros and cons to a scene like this. Pro: The baby is also asleep and therefore, more around the house can be accomplished. Con: Not only does the husband get out of doing a task, but the baby gets out of going into his bed. This is especially difficult when he is very tenacious about sleeping just about anywhere except his crib. And like the Dishwasher Blocker, the issue is too adorable to get too upset about it.

Issue #3: 

The House Shark. This is similar to the Landshark that struck unsuspecting SNL cast members in the 1970s, but this type of land shark does not attack people. It attacks things (see Issue #1).

 House Shark

And like Issues #1 and Issue #2, the issue is too adorable to really worry about it. Just pretend you live at Hogwarts and things are bound to move and change (or be pee'd on) at any given moment. 

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