Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Session, Lesson 2: Watercolor Salt Effects and Silhouettes!

We covered quite a bit on this day. We continued with the salt effects and added a few exercises. Then we turned the salt project into making Bookmarks! (more on that later).

First, my student that wasn't feeling well on Monday was able to finish his Concentric Circle Watercolor inspired from Wassily Kandinsky:
Then we tried a different formula with the Watercolor salt project, making it more simplistic then how we began on Monday.

The way the salt technique works is the salt is sprinkled on to semi-wet paint (not too wet) and the paint is drawn to the salt as it dries and leaves crystal shapes dotted throughout the wash of color. It adds fun textural elements as well as other visual interest to the painting.Because watercolor involves some patience associated with drying and then removing (brushing off) the salt, we simultaneously began our Palm Tree Silhouette project. Using these examples here, we discussed what a Silhouette was and how we were going to use it in our next Watercolor painting, using the palm tree as our theme. We only got through the first portion (background) of that painting, so awesome results to come next time!

Meanwhile, in between stages of drying, we began making Bookmarks! Before class, as I was trying to find something fun to do in incorporating the watercolor salt technique, I found an awesome project on this blog. I knew it was perfect project for my group!

A lot like the Watercolor Discovery project, the kids added the watercolor onto the paper without anything specific in mind. They just used the color to create fun mixtures and patterns. Then they sprinkled the salt on the paper as we did with the other salt paintings.

Then after that sheet was dry and the salt brushed off, we cut up the sheet to 3-4 bookmark sizes. I then used my corner rounder and brought out my stamps and black ink pad. The students added the stamps to their bookmarks. Some made designs, some spelled out their names or names of their friends that they wanted to give a bookmark to. If I had the stamp available, it could be used. The black Sharpies even came out in some cases.
I'll then take the bookmarks to Staples to get laminated. Then we'll punch a hole on the top and string a ribbon through. Voila! Bookmark! Some examples of finished bookmarks can be seen on the link I added above, as my group isn't quite there yet. Some awesome results from the Bookmark project and Palm Tree Silhouette will be revealed Monday!!

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  1. The bookmarks are great. I remember my boys bringing some home from their summer camp. I think I still have one or two in the memory box.