Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Months Old Today!

There's no point in going on and on about how fast time flies. I've already mentioned that in other milestone posts. If only time can slow down for the pleasant things and speed up for the not-so-pleasant things.

Sweet Big Sister pics! AleXander was cranky and tired. Mikelle helped him relax with a bottle.

I tried to post two videos of AleXander on here, but they wouldn't upload. They said they were uploading, but they never did. Therefore, those videos can be found on my Facebook page. One is of him crawling, and the other is another cute one where he is practically hypnotized from watching Baby Einstein.

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  1. Sheesh. 7 months really? I hate that they grow. But then, I love that they grow, too. He is cute enough to eat. :)