Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture Time!

These pictures are way overdue on being posted. Well, the first batch is. The second batch just got taken over the weekend! Where is the second batch, you say? Maybe in a couple days I'll post it.

The first batch are the pictures that my friend Lara (hi Lara!) took in Las Vegas on March 9th. She and her family came down from Cedar City and as you may remember if you read the post, we didn't get there until it was getting dark. :-( Of course the added wind made for an interesting combinations of factors too. Anyway, so I don't repeat myself, the entry for that fun stuff is right here . Still, the pictures that Lara was able to get turned out pretty good. Mikelle is wearing an adorable dress that I knew we wouldn't be able to pull off for Easter, though since it was still cool enough for these pictures, I had her wear it. She has a mauve colored one too of the same style. It was one of those end-of-season clearance finds that turned into a real bargain that would have originally been too much $$$$! So when I saw two of those gorgeous dresses for more than 50% off, I grabbed them.

This one (below) cracks me up. It shows Christian's personality pretty good! (No, Lara didn't tell him to hug the tree with his whole body!) I'll probably crop it too for a version with just his face as well.

And some birthday boy head shots!

I love these head shots. I have an idea for both scrapbook layout and wall montage, but one requires time I don't have, and the other requires wall space I don't have! Oh well! Such is life. I am so happy to have such the goofball personality captured in pictures like this!

Thanks Lara! I'm sorry the whole Vegas-before-sunset goal didn't work out. But I love the results we got with wind and absence of sunlight!

Check out some more of Lara's pictures (most of them taken when the sun was up!) here:

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  1. You know, I've always thought Christian looks most like Chris, but when I was editing these pictures I decided I was totally wrong. He looks just like you (mostly). Especially in the picture of just him at the very bottom of this post.