Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Wonderful Winners!!!!

No, no second batch of Easter pictures posted yet. That can wait. lol I recently entered some of my student's artwork in a local contest at a Music and Art school. The lessons for my K-4th graders fell more in line with the theme of the contest, so I entered some 2nd grade work, 3rd grade work and 4th grade work. Of the 6 winners in the grades 1-2 categories and 3-4 categories, 5 of them were my students!

Here are my first prize winners.
They received $50 cash prize and some art supplies. I think if they want to take advantage, they get a month of free lessons from Blackbird as well. They may be a little hard since Blackbird is 30+ miles from Coolidge, but it is still a great feat to win!
Also, to see better versions of the artwork, go to this Blackbird link, instead of just seeing the pictures that I took (especially with the thermostat as an inclusion). Also, by going to the link, you'll see the upper grade winners. Quite a few of the upper winner categories are students of a district colleague of mine. :-) I've also shown off some of this work already in previous posts, so if they look familiar, it's because awesome artwork should look familiar, and yes, I've posted them before. But this time as official WINNERS!

First prize in the Grade 3-4 Category is this 4th grade student's artwork, from the
Watercolor Discovery project:

And First prize in the Grade 1-2 Category is this 2nd grade student's artwork, titled "The Phoenix Desert":

Second and Third Prizes
Here are the second and third winners for the Grades 1-2 category. My student's swept the category! The 2nd Place winner is the paper mosaic titled "Penguin on Ice" and the third place winner is titled "Our Desert Home".

Here is the third place winner for the Grades 3-4 Category. I love his title: Runaway Pig.

Below are some honorable mentions. I'm so proud of my students. I love the top one. I did really wish he would have gotten some kind of prize. He was also so excited that I entered his work in the contest. The artwork on the bottom is Mikelle's desert landscape painting.
Here are some other honorable mentions. I was especially impressed with the middle one, because that particular 3rd grader has such a unique and impressive style. I also love the care the 4th grader artwork on the bottom took in putting her paper mosaic together.
More awesome Honorable Mentions!
And here is Mikelle with her painting. There was a little error and they put my school on there instead of her school (I put her school on the entry form, but they probably put mine out of habit, due to the other entries).

Mikelle had an Honors Choir recital that night and then we dashed over to Blackbird for the artists' reception.

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  1. Well that should make you feel like an amazing teacher! And good for Mikelle! So awesome!