Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling STUCK? A little trapped? Do your shoes have ISSUES?

Don't fret, Friday is almost here. And at least the feeling of being stuck and trapped is not as bad as as what this poor horsie experienced. And I tell ya, I get really worked up about animals. I can't watch a movie where an animal gets hurt, dies, what-have-you (same with children). But I couldn't stop laughing at this picture in my Readers Digest a couple of months ago. Very inappropriate humor. Maybe it's because I knew the horse was okay that I found it so funny.

Yes, the horsie got stuck in the tree, but he was free'd and hopefully he doesn't even remember his unfortunate predicament. Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing that? I wouldn't be able to see the road because I'd be busting up and tearing up from the laughter. Poor horsie.

Chris doesn't find my inappropriate laughter as funny. He loves horses (and I hate them? No. I have nothing against horsies. They're certainly better than cats or cows or smelly male goats. But he LOVES horses...LOVES them...) But I just e-mailed the picture to him (yes, I can't let it go...even though he already saw the picture months ago originally in the Readers Digest) with the perfect caption under it:

"Ready or not! Here I Come!"

Funny, I didn't get a reply.

Christian's Um, "Issues"
To shift gears, I'm in Target yesterday evening with Christian and Mikelle (not a good place for me to be! That place is like crack!) and we're walking passed the shoe area and Christian says, "Mom! I need new sandals!"

I say, "No you don't." And we keep walking.

He shows me a little wear and tear on one of his straps. Sure, they don't look brand new anymore, but he's got quite a few more wears left in them. A month or two maybe. I tell him his shoes will still be fine for awhile and we are long gone from the shoe area.

But in typical Christian fashion, he won't let it go.

"But Mom! My shoes have ISSUES!!"

No, he still didn't get new sandals.

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  1. Poor horse! And the 'issues' cracks me up every time I read it. My 6 year old was begging for new shoes at Kohl's tonight too. And I just bought him new shoes. I think boys can be worse about the shoes than girls sometimes!! LOL!