Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Pics Part II

Well, due to the teeth/playground trauma from my previous entry, the second batch of Easter pics didn't get shown off as soon as I planned. But since it is Easter Sunday, it seems appropriate to show off the second batch of pictures now.

Mikelle ended up with two Easter dresses, since it was "iffy" about whether it would be too warm to wear the other one (the one in the pictures that Lara took in Las Vegas). Well, today was cooler than normal (yay!) and the original dress would have been okay but there's no way I could have planned on that, being where we unfortunately live and that Easter fell in mid-April. The odds for a cooler-than-normal Easter were against us. However, it has been a BEAUTIFUL day! If only it can last all Summer! But I digress.

Therefore, last weekend, these were the shots I had taken of the kids. I would say with Lara's pictures and now these, we have a well rounded and rather complete set of Mikelle and Christian's Spring 2009 pictures.

The photographer and I wanted them to stand as if they were dancing, but they wanted to hug each other instead. Through all the chaos, that is just too cute.

And this is what we call the "goof" pics. Christian with his goofy expression and Mikelle with her wide-eyed expression (that was already in my previous post to show her "before" teeth).

And this is a nice flower shot of Mikelle:

I also especially like this black&white version of it. Between this shot and the headshots of Christian that Lara took, I want to do a wall montage.


  1. Aww, they are too cute!! I hope everything works out for her teeth too, YIKES! We ended up cutting through Arizona on 17 down to 8 so I waved in your general direction.

  2. So cute!

    I am happy that your Easter was cool enough. Ours was a little too cool.

  3. Love it....They are tooo cute!!! Miss them, miss them