Sunday, November 30, 2008

Part II. Thanksgiving Snow, Thanksgiving Rain, Thanksgiving Snow, and Little Boy Logic

It is way passed my bedtime and my ADD is on high today. I could have tied up more loose ends to get ready to go back to work tomorrow, but no such luck. Anyway, to get to the little boy logic, I first have to explain that our portable DVD player that we take on trips only has a 3 hour battery life. So for a 4+ hour drive, there's going to be some "non-DVD player" time. On the way up, that happened between Heber and Show Low, I think. Mikelle thought it was tragedy that the DVD battery ran out.

I was tempted to give her some lecture on what long r
oad trips were like when I was a kid. There were no DVD players and if you were lucky you heard something on the radio. Maybe a walkman was possible, but for the most part, it was long hours of staring out the window. I couldn't read anything or draw, because I would get car sick. (I could get into more childhood road trip horror stories, and there are plenty, as my dad was determined to take every dirt backroad so we averaged 3 miles per hour and if you had to pee or throw up, he still wouldn't stop the car, but I won't get into that! lol), so we just told Mikelle to chill out and we'd be at our destination soon. Maybe Chris and I touched on the 'when I was a kid, we didn't have DVD players on long trips', but nothing of too much detail.

Well, when the DVD player battery ran out, we said it "pooped out". Later, when we got to the cabin and Christian (our gadget addict) promptly plugged it in to charge, he said, "it pooped back in! The battery pooped back in!" Of course, since we used the term "pooped out" when the battery ran out, naturally if the battery was re-charged, it would be pooped back in, right? Perfect little boy logic.

That night wasn't the only time we heard him say that. For the rest of the trip, when the kids would use th
e DVD player and it would work, he said "it pooped back in".


The picture above is taken the day after Thanksgiving (11/28) along Woodland Lake in Pinetop. Because of the rain in between snowfalls 9it was actually raining lightly when we took this walk), some of the snow was gone, but isn't that such a beautiful picture that captures the transition of fall to winter? Especially with the tree in the foreground that still has its fall leaves. Seeing trees with fall leaves is something I would give anything to experience down here in the desert. I am so glad we got to see sights like this when we went up there. I vow to take a trip to Vermont sometime during the fall and really see changing fall leaves in its glory.

From that same walk, here is Christian near the lake on the ballfield. You can see how much snow was still over in that area.

And later that day, we returned to Woodland Lake to take some more "official" pictures. It was raining again (the day after Thanksgiving there was more rain than snow. Whereas the day before, on Thanksgiving, there was more snow than rain). It was a little tricky trying to set up the timer on the camera, because it was we weren't sure if the lense was going to get drops on it, but it seemed to work out okay! And the window that Christian and Mikelle are looking out of, is a little cabin bridge going over the western creek area of the lake.

If these red jammies
look familiar, they are! They're the "Thing 1 and Thing 2" costumes, which are now back to being standard red seasonal jammies. The kids are sitting on the stairs leading up to the loft in the cabin where most of the beds were located. The kids sure enjoyed having stairs.

sleeping picture has one true sleeper and one "faker". I told Mikelle to just smile for the camera, but she was determined to look sleeping too. lol