Friday, November 14, 2008


Christian is my monkey. That is more literal than I can possibly put to words. But yes, he was born in 2004; the Chinese year of the Monkey. He IS a Monkey in many ways.

Not only is he 4 years old and in an EXCELLENT pre-school program this year, he is also an aspiring engineer or CIA code cracker. He is quite resourceful. This may come in handy someday, but for now I feel like I live at Hogwarts. Everything is never left alone and 'ghosts" constantly move stuff around. I no longer need to wonder what it would be like to live in Tornado Alley. I'm already there. It's called Cyclone Christian.

Some of Christian's favorite
things include:

- The computer and
computer games
- The Vacuum cleaner and getting a turn using it when Mom is done
- Making makeshift stools to get high enough to reach what he is aspiring to conquer
- His cars, train and train tracks, leggos and anything that is gadgety and makes noise.
- Wow Wow Wubzy and Curious George. He also loves Blues Clues, but asks for "Steve" We have a few genuine Steve episodes recorded.
- Tools, whether real or toys.
- Ropes and dog leashes to tie from thing to another. The dog may be attached.
- Mom's yogurt that is off-limits.
- Band-aids. We have to hide those too.
- Water. Filling up sinks, getting wet outside. It's all good.

Some of Christian's NOT-so-favorite things:

- Being pulled off the computer.
- Being hungry
- Nap time (at home)
- His "time-out" chair, when it's being used for it's original purpose. If he is using it to access something otherwise off-limits, then his time-out chair is his friend.
- Lettuce. He maintains "I don't want Salad!"

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  1. Well it is about time. I had no idea you even looked at my blog, it is a good thing that I didn't bash or anything. I love it, now we can stay is better touch. I know how much you love to talk on the phone :) I will let you do anything you want for Brisa....they are not getting much this year....Santa is quite broke:(
    I love your blog!!!!