Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You're what the French call, "Les Incompétents..."

Monday 7/6/15:
I'm trying to keep up with the blog posts so all the vacation (I mean family trip) photos and re-caps can be posted and we can move on. If only "moving on" can be MOVING into the new house. Ugh. 

My serious irritation (because I don't want to write, 'rage') is with the flooring guy that involves incompetence that makes me want to stab a fork in my eye. For the most part, this building process has gone well, but the flooring guy is on my crap list. 

For instance, he was supposed to start over two weeks ago. But he didn't start until last Thursday. And in all that time, only the shower walls have been done (and not finished). Nothing on any floors. Plumbing in the bathrooms can't be done until those floors are done. 

So we're waiting on that.

It would be one thing if we were living okay in our rental house and all was well in the world and we were preparing to move and when the house was ready, we take ourselves over there and move in. 

But we are busting at the seams just as we were a year ago when we moved in. 

I have had tears of frustration, depression, anxiety, and it's not even all about the stupid new house. These are probably the best way to describe it all:
Yeah, so there it is.  

But there's little nuggets of joy. For example, despite working out on Friday evening hoping it would help with the stress, anxiety, etc etc, I was still in a funk.  We were sitting at the gas station and Chris went inside. I was sitting there in the car in just a 'melancholy :sigh:' kind of mood and this pulls up next to us:

After the initial first glance and thinking, "What the...?" as I looked over, my mood perked right up. Apparently his name is Raja. He's a baby T-Rex. Or she's a baby T-Rex? I didn't ask. 

It would be great if we could have him come over for Alexander's birthday, but that's at Christmastime, and especially this year, I am rather sure we won't be able to afford that. Still, I have all the contact information.

Thank you Raja for showing up to put a smile on my face.

Wednesday 7/8/15:
Well, it looks like a fire was lit under someone's butt. This was the progress yesterday:

Yes, it's a relief. Although, overdue.  

And the flooring guy this morning called Chris and is asking about the "transition" spots for the accent pieces and where they are to be. First of all, we already told Mr. Flooring Guy where those areas are to be. Months ago.  With a copy of the floor plan. With spots marked.

Two, at that same time, months ago, I chose a beautiful accent piece (it was very unique and perfect!) that the guy carried in his flooring shop when we thought that everything was finalized. Well, a few weeks ago he said that accent piece was unavailable. Gee, then why do you have it in your shop, genius? The same thing happened with the style of tile he had in his shop that I chose for the half-bath. He said "he couldn't get it". Again, why do you have it in your shop?

Back to the accent piece, so I chose something else that didn't even come close to that beautiful first choice.  But that's not what is causing me to see more red this time.  This morning, after Mr. Flooring Guy asked Chris about those particular spots, Chris called me to verify where those transition spots were to be. 

I said we told the guy already. Twice. 

Chris said, "Yes, I know, but he's realizing he missed some spots -"  

I said, "I know! I can tell from one of the pictures that he missed a transition spot." But you know what? I didn't care. 

Is this how it's supposed to be? You have something you originally want and you're stressed and worn down to the point that eventually you just don't care anymore?

I said, "Tell him that if he doesn't remember from the other two times, we're not telling him again. He can figure it out for himself.

Yeah, that's the Mom AND Teacher in me, but it applies here.

Of course, Chris was going to be less abrasive and relay the information to the guy of where those spots were to be (again). 

You know, when it comes to things like this and people in this sort of business, is there some kind of incompetence lobe in the brain that just activates with some people?!

Well, I've completely killed the mood with this post and I didn't even get to sharing the beautiful photos and the rest of the Oregon portion of our trip. 

I'll have to re-group and add it to the next post. I need another caged Dinosaur to just randomly show up and move me out of this funk. 

Until next time.

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