Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We FINALLY Moved It...Moved It...

This is an abbreviated post for a lot of reasons. First, the above artwork is one I completed a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it. It's an app I designed for a return-customer. I'd explain more about it, but I don't have the time for that right now. 

Anyway, we moved to the new house last weekend! Awesome, right? Well, yes. But we're not completely moved out of the old place and there is a lot of work to do there. Two, I had to start teacher training last week as the move to the new house was commencing. The training is very positive and it reinforces the feeling that I had months ago that this district and job is a great fit for me. However, the timing of the training is of course not the best with the moving. Three, there is no computer at the new house yet, and the computer access at the old house is limited since we're there to pack and clean. Not blog! lol 

Here's a funny occurrence in the middle of the craziness and stress of moving. I asked Mikelle to explain this box. Her handwriting is not the best. Do your best to read it. I'm not going to type what it says. 

She said "Dad told me to label it that way."  

Chris subsequently explained that the label meant the contents are figurines from our 90s pre-kid days like Earthworm Jim, Freakazoid (cartoons we loved that we cancelled way too soon and this was back when we watched cartoons on purpose!), Star Wars, comic books and such. 

Okay.... Did I mention the missionaries were helping us move? I hoped her poor handwriting kept the missionaries from reading what's was on the box.

One of my friends commented that when they moved, they labeled a box: Adult dvds...no, not that kind! Haha I think with our DVDs I labeled the kid movie DVDs in a box, KID Movies and just another box called DVDs, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, the Oregon vacation saga will be continued, and I do have pictures of the new  house that we're finally living in (squeeeee!), but I'll have to add them to another post later. 

Instead, I'll show the vanity that I am so happy to bring to reality! In February, I drove up to Spring V alley (between Prescott Valley and Cordes Junction) and bought a white dresser from a lady that she posted on Craigslist. I picked this fun Annie Sloan chalk paint color (that Annie Sloan chalk paint stuff is amazing...let me tell ya!), enjoyed finding new hardware for it (Hobby Lobby hardware is 50% off every other week...just saying!), and then adding the dark wax finish. 

We tweaked the two top drawers so the piping of the vanity could fit in there. The bottom drawer is the one that we were able to keep functional. I wasn't expecting any of the drawers to remain functional, so that was a nice surprise.

Then of course, along with the vessel sink and faucet, we have the half-bath vanity! It's hard to get a "straight-on" picture because the half bath wall is right there and that's as far as backing up will allow.

Boys snuggling together in one of the last nights in the rental house... too cute!

Back to the regularly scheduled blog soon!

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