Friday, July 3, 2015

Is the House Done Yet? (Plus Dark Redwoods, Beautiful Bays, and Christian's Tech Museum Experience...)

Before I dive into the cool Canon shots and get into the road trip vacation log, here are 
pictures progress of the house. These were taken June 30, 2015. Because of Monsoon storm action in the distance, and saturated ground from the storm the night before, the lighting and ground was awesome for pictures.
Roof was completed done the following day. Front door still needs to be stained and embellished.
Side view looking west. Looks stark without the stone that we hope to add someday...
Overturned Porto-potty from night before. Good thing it was way...over...there....
Master bedroom seating/turret area. Love that light!
Stairs heading down...
Standing in the kitchen/turret looking at the kitchen island, pantry and living room...
Laundry Room Chandelier....LOVE!
Christian is Master doing Dad-approved cable work. The green looks a lot greener than it really is!
Looking towards Master from Kitchen...
Concrete stamping by front door!
Yes, we planned on moving into our house this week. Are we? Not yet.It's frustrating. Don't get me started. I know we are so close and this is all good, but we are at the tail end of enduring a lot of headaches and it's TIME to get into this house. 

Therefore, let's move onto pictures from the first leg of the trip. Leaving home to California to Crescent City, CA which is at the California/Oregon border. 

Wow. I sure take a lot of pictures. It's even more difficult when there are such beautiful places. Sure, there will be saturation of what I post, but let's do this chronologically, and of course being a geography nerd, I have to include a map. It's further below showing the portion of our trip from June 18 through June 20th.

We left home on the 18th and had to take Mikelle to Sky Harbor in Phoenix to fly up to Oregon.  While Chris took Mikelle to her gate and waited for the plane to take off, Christian and I endured a very spirited Alexander (more-so than normal) in the eating area. But we discovered they had Joe's BBQ at the airport! East Valley people would know what I'm talking about. Since moving to Wickenburg, we have missed Joe's. Well, sure, it was overpriced airport prices, but we had technically began our vacation. And 90% of the time when we're on trips, we strive to eat we at local places. Joe's qualified!  Boo-ya!

Then after her plane took off, we drove west in the correct direction, but Chris had to stop at work for a little bit. Just these little moves over a general small amount of miles took way too long than we anticipated. And it was 116 in Phoenix. Gross. At Chris's work? The dash temperature read 118. I'm not kidding. Gross gross.

Driving with the sun in our faces towards LA wasn't so bad though, but that's because of a big fire in the Big Bear mountain area with plumes of smoke that muted the evil orb. As a result, it produced beautiful orange and red views. 

When we stopped in Indio (there is no star on the map below to mark that stop because after all, it's Indio) to hit a Big Lots for a few things, the air was really smoky and windy. It was still hot, but not as bad as it was back in Phoenix.

Because...well, not many places are.

We slept that night in Bakersfield (the star below the 'I' in California on the map), but suffice it to say, we arrived in Bakersfield rather late due to how long it took us to really get going out of AZ that day.

Because of this, we took advantage of sleeping and didn't check out until noon. We originally planned on going to the Tech Museum in San Jose that day (Christian especially planned on this) but with a four hour drive to San Jose, that wasn't to be.  

Therefore, we hit San Francisco a day early and went to Vallejo where our motel reservations were. It was nice checking into the motel at an earlier more humane time and having dinner and then sleeping

However, the Vallejo reservations were made assuming we had already done the Tech Museum in San Jose earlier that day. Because we didn't, we had to backtrack the next day (June 20th) down to San Jose and spend the planned 4-5 hours at the Tech Museum.

Let me tell you, Christian was so happy to be at the Tech Museum. In fact, we needed lunch when we arrived, but we knew lunch would be less than enjoyable if we made Christian wait a little more time and have lunch first. This was especially true since he had to ensure the torture of waiting an extra day for the Tech Museum. He was too excited to eat anyway, so we left him at the Tech Museum and the three of us went to lunch and then joined him shortly afterwards. I don't think he would have noticed if we came back at all!  (Disclaimer: Where we ate was walking's not like we left him there and drove off..! Not that he would have noticed if we did!)

There was one area at the museum where you get the privilege to create your own robot. He required an adult to accompany him to that area.  I'll have to find those pictures on my Ipad. A little video is there too. Check back to this posting for those updates.

As for the required adult accompaniment, I don't think they anticipated that adult supervision to fall asleep sitting on the floor against the wall while Christian worked on his robot.

But that's what happened. One would expect Chris to be the one to fall asleep like that, but nope. It was me.
DNA Book Sculpture...My favorite part of the museum! This area was about heredity, tech in science and health...

After the Tech Museum, we hit San Francisco again on the way out and crossed a foggy Golden Gate Bridge that time.
Golden Gate Bridge from South just before we crossed it... 6/20/15
But it would be dark before we could see the Redwoods heading up to Crescent City to stay that night. Therefore, let's just say it was WAY too late when we got to Crescent City. Yeah, that was an unfortunate pattern with us. Oh, we still had our room and all that was okay, but it was still way too late. It was especially too late when we didn't even get to see any Redwoods heading up. If we were late because of stopping to see the Redwoods, that would be one thing. But nope. Grrrrrrr....

Aren't they gorgeous? Yeah, I think so too. Too bad we didn't get to see this. Well, we did. They looked like this:

Our California Redwood experience....

To end this post, I'm adding the Canon San Francisco pictures. Next on the road trip pictures are more Oregon Coast pictures, including shots from my jog back and forth on the Alsea Bay Bridge. There were a lot of sea lion views from there. 

Until next time...
Golden Gate Bridge from North Vista Point, 6/19/15...I love my ultra-zoom lens!

San Francisco Bay...Alcatraz Island...6/19/15
San Francisco Bay...Alcatraz Island...6/19/15
San Francisco Bay.....6/19/15
San Francisco Bay.....6/19/15
Golden Gate Bridge from North Vista Point 6/19/15
Golden Gate Bridge from North Vista Point 6/19/15
A lot of Mom and Alexander pictures. Christian was there too as referenced with photo proof in the previous entry, but he was upset he had to wait an extra day for the Tech Museum. He was happier wandering around this area and checking things out...

...So all of these were on June 19th at the North Vista Point just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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