Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Other Side?

Wow...I feel like I'm crawling out of a hole and looking around at the world and going, "Oh! This is what it looks like!"

 The last five days have been horrible. I caught whatever Christian and Mikelle had, but it hit me even harder. I had a high fever, horrible sore throat, and aches all over. And anything cold that touched my skin hurt terribly (so don't get me started on the cold toilet seat and my butt cheeks...)

I don't think I've had something this severe since a bad flu that knocked me down in 1997. That was the kind of flu that was responsible for pandemic's like the 1918 one that wiped out thousands of people, and I can certainly understand why! I've even been riddled with strep throat and high fevers multiple times since then, and it still didn't last as long (however, the constant strep infections did lead to my tonsillectomy in 2006....good move to have that done, bad move to have that done in adulthood. Avoid it if you can....) 

Of course I'm excluding pregnancy in my comparisons of illnesses that lingered... issues with pregnancy would throw off the curve. 

This week's illness was also particularly bad because I would be shivering with a fever, I'd bundle up and manage to fall asleep, but then it would break on its own and I'd wake up in the worst uncomfortable sweat. Then for what seemed like no good reason, the fever would climb up again.

This time, this was true...
Anyway, I must be feeling better because I can swallow without wincing and I am starting to boss people around again. Haha 

I just feel bad for Chris. He missed the Fathers/Son Outing because Alexander had a low-grade fever and he didn't want to leave me at home feeling like I was on death's door. I also feel bad because Mikelle and I had a Girls Night Out planned for Friday that of course didn't happen.

I did have quite the nice surprise last night. That wedding piece I did (shown in the last post) arrived at its destination and I received the most wonderful message and pictures!  This is the couple that the customer had me create the art to tribute. Their wedding is in New Orleans this Friday the 23rd.

The message said:

"We gave the happy couple their lovely piece of art tonight and it made them cry. They said it is the best wedding gift they will ever get & hung it right on the wall. Thanks again for helping us give them the best wedding present! You do beautiful work! Thanks again!"
The bride's excitement and reaction!

I love the work I do of course because it is what I enjoy. However, I love how it also brings joy to others in this manner. 

I think that is a wonderful way to end this post. It was quite the "pick me up" last night!

Until next time...

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