Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Fog

Sunday Doodle 5/19/14
I admit I am having trouble moving along lately, due to a lingering cough and "fog" in my head leftover from whatever I had last week. 

Chris and I went to Wickenburg yesterday to check out the rental house and have a friend of his from work look at the A/C unit. And we also registered Christian and Mikelle for school in August. 

I am feeling overwhelmed at what we need to do to move by July, and worried about the small space we'll still have in the rental house.  

And the elephant in the room - getting the damn house started. 

When I see a shovel in the ground, I'll believe it is actually happening. That's an additional "fog" around me.  Fog of Doubt. I'm letting it get me down.

I'm also finding myself more and more sad about moving and the friends we'll leave behind. I didn't think I would be struggling like this. I knew I would have some trouble, but this is more than I expected. I've been more than impatient to pick up and leave, but now I feel so much more trepidation about it. It's another fog that keeps blocking my view.

I'm trying not to allow myself to get too down in the dumps. At least I plan to pick up my running and exercise regime tomorrow - after a 9 day interruption. I hope that'll help with these fogs and blues. If I could just get up the motivation to pack more things and organize, I know that would also help.
In the meantime...it would be nice for these fogs to lift...

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