Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stop the Fast-forward Machine! I need to get off!

Yesterday, December 17th,  I just realized 10 years ago that day, I graduated from ASU. Where is time going? That was quite a day during such a crazy time. It was a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloudy storm of guck (yes, that's a word). I was 6 months pregnant with Christian and it's a miracle I did graduate, and that is only the tip of the iceberg of the crap storm of life and trials we were dealing with. But stubborn me! lol This is Mikelle that very day. I do remember she was having quite the attitude trip!

No reason to get all down on everything that consisted of that crap storm. Plus, I already talked about it a little from this entry back in April. While I am grateful that it is buried in the past, I ask the question again: Where is time going? 

Back to the day of the nickel incident, one thing I didn't mention is while I was at the first hospital, I learned that my little sister Kariann eloped that day! I had no idea she was even seeing anyone. Turns out, I did meet him back in 2011, but I didn't know she was seeing him again.  Gosh, that day was a weird day! 

I knew while we were at the hospital with Alexander, things at home wouldn't be Unicorns and Rainbows. However, I didn't expect it to be like a wild teenage unsupervised party had been thrown there. No, they didn't have a party, but the house looked like they did.  Remember Jake Ryan's house in Sixteen Candles after the wild party? Yeah, it was like that, though more in the range of one 9 year old and 13 year old at work. 

Just a few highlights: 1) Turkey roaster on kitchen floor sitting on top of dirty towel. Part of it was...lid was in the other part of the house....Roaster had been long cleaned since Thanksgiving a week earlier and put away previously!.... 2) Glitter mod-podge on floor in a big mess...lid not far away...container of remaining glitter mod-podge resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the counter....half eaten hamburger patty in our bed! It wasn't on my side - it was on Chris's side, but still! Oh, and the chewed up couch pillow in corner with stuffing everywhere....
Jake Ryan's house in Sixteen Candles

Anyway, Alexander bounced back from the nickel drama rather well. And I am still in the throws of Christmas orders and art projects. I am having a really hard time concentrating, but the work is being accomplished. 

A friend of ours wanted to give his daughter an Iphone for Christmas and he asked if I had an Elephant design. I didn't, but I went ahead and put that together, so now any Elephant lover can get the art print or their mobile device in black and white Elephant or color Elephant. 

 Another fun project I did for a customer, is make a custom design for the purpose of a phone cover. She'll get the original artwork plus the phone case. The phone case should be here any day!

Of course there's been quite the variety of ornaments, requests and designs! I have too many to post them all, but here's a few good examples:
For Teenage boy, complete with the Tardis from Dr. Who
Nice to know Santa and Mrs. Claus still have a great sex life.
Fun ornaments for the kiddos!

Next up is our Christmas light and Santa adventures...

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