Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa and Silliness

A week ago, we took the kids to see Santa. Mid-December is a little late for us, since the lines grow longer as the month closes in on Christmas. However, illnesses and incidences like nickel swallowing prevented our usual punctuality. 

We stood in line for awhile, but it turned out okay. Chris and I had to say a bunch of goofy things to successfully have a smile appear on Christian's face.
The three sillies, just after seeing Santa!
Mom and XanderBug
A few day's earlier visiting some friends.
Silly boy wearing 2 Santa hats!
Birthday Boy
Sunday 12/22 was Alexander's birthday and he is now the Big 3. My baby is growing up way too fast. We had a few friends over, and Alexander opened a few presents and we had cupcakes and cookies. Then he eventually passed out on the couch after running around like a crazy Tasmanian Devil!

Love the glow on his face. Too bad cropping wouldn't work too well. That's his birthday tree on the table.
Love his smile and the glow from the candles.

Present time!
Passed out on Couch. So much frosting, dirt and other "birthday fun" residue on him.

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