Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Where Did May Go?

May is now gone along with our double digit temperatures. So far, I'm enduring it. But I think July is where I start to lose it. However, I won't think about that right now. 

My Owl Go Round was listed along with my whimsical USA Blocks!

I have a lot of "end of school year" tidbits to catch up on, but I am going to do that on the next posting. Mikelle had a Triple Threat/Crew show, Christian made High Honors and received a medal for keeping that High Honors average for the whole year, and Alexander is amazing us every day with added skills and knowledge. Seriously, he is on turbo mode with his abilities. 

I am thrilled he is a smart kid, but a smart kid is a double edged sword at this age. He has fantastic drawing abilities, but it means he wants to draw on everything. He has a thirst for knowledge, but it means he's all over the place wanting to get into and discover new things. 

Check out this YouTube from last week of Alexander displaying his snowman skills. It is rather advanced for his age. Also, even though he didn't want to do an A in the video, I have an A he drew the following day. And now he draws a lot of As and then connects them with lines.

And yes, Chris committed the Taboo of the Vertical Videos. To understand the evils of the Vertical Videos, click here. These guys are genius and I love when new videos by them are uploaded. Of course their videos aren't Vertical Videos.

This is an abbreviated posting this time. Next week I start my first session of Summer Art Lessons and of course the blog entries will have cool projects we'll be doing. However, before that, I am going to update the fun from the end of the school year with Christian and Mikelle's various activities and accomplishments! 

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